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Fragment #18

Quartet ist ein Online Lyrik Journal, das viermal im Jahr erscheint. Es wird publiziert von vier Frauen, die langjährige Freundinnen sind und sich zu diesem Unternehmen verschworen haben. Das Besondere an diesem Journal ist, dass es ganz der Lyrik von Frauen über 50 Jahren gewidmet ist.

»Gail, Linda, Wendy, and Jane bring a variety of experience to their poetry journal. In their lives they have been daughters, wives, mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, divorcees, and widows. They have served as teachers, piano instructors, child advocates, medical supervisors, disability warriors, riding instructors, organizers, poetry teachers, and public relations mavens. As individuals they’ve been published in numerous journals, won poetry contests, been awarded fellowship grants. Among them they have published seven books/chapbooks of poetry. …

We believe that at this time in a woman’s life we begin to surge, to come into our own. We believe experience speaks for itself, that by fifty we’ve accumulated enough courage to revel in our talents. We want to read poems that tackle difficult themes, that bend or honor traditional forms, that surprise and illuminate, that are genuine, that have momentum and play with language. … We read to learn and to survive.«